“Dandupalyam 4” Film


“Dandupalyam 4” Film is releasing in Telugu with the same title, The film stars Banerji, Venkat, Mummaith Khan, Sanjeev Kumar, Suman Ranganathan, Directed by K. T. Nayak & Produced by Venkat. Dandupalyam shooting has been completed and the producers are looking for March Release.

On Saturday in a press meet, While speaking with journalists Producer Venkat said
“Film shooting has been completed and we’ve applied for censor recently and they’ve told that some of the scenes from the film needs to be removed or else the film will not be approved. They said to visit revise comity after this.
This is the first time I heard, censor authorities are asking to remove scenes from the film without giving proper reason. If there is any objection to the content, I am ready to obey the orders of Censor authorities. If Needed, we will go to court too for the release of our film in March.”